Wish list

Our first priority is to provide cooked meals to people reliant on the JHCS Diner. To deliver on this we rely on financial donations to cover amongst other, the following expenses:

  • rates and taxes R600 per month
  • gas for cooking R1,200 per month
  • electricity and water R3,200 per month
  • fresh produce R19,000 per month

If you would prefer to support specific projects, we also have a list of dearly needed wish list items per project:

The Diner (located at 8 Eighth Street, Vrededorp) :

  • meat
  • cooking spices
  • oil
  • rice and pasta
  • stone ground flour for baking bread
  • floor polish
  • cleaning materials
  • tinned food
  • fresh produce
  • soya
  • second hand clothing for adults and children

Jannie’s Club

Jannie’s Club cares for the community’s children (between the ages of 7 and 16 years of age). We arrange activities and outings to promote and develop teamwork, a sense of belonging, and to promote the children’s self-esteem. A priority of the club is also to instil ethical normal and societal values. The Club has the following needs:

  • A4 paper
  • sponsorship of bus tickets
  • sponsorships of outings for Jannie's Club
  • Personal hygiene items
  • T-shirts for children branded with the JHCS logo
  • sporting equipment

Senior Citizens

We have over a 100 senior citizens in the community who rely on JHCS for meals, clothing, blankets and support following trauma.  Many of these individuals don’t have any contact with family and are largely isolated. We arrange a monthly tea during which their birthdays are celebrated (and they receive a birthday gift). The assistance required includes:

  • food parcels
  • toiletries

Playgroup (40 Second street, Vrededorp) :

The house used by the playgroup is registered in JHCS’s name and belongs to the community. The house caters for 24 children to prepare them adequately for primary school. The learners start with breakfast at 7.30 and receive tuition until 11.30. They also enjoy lunch before going home.

  • a mural on the exterior wall
  • upgrading of the kitchen
  • plumber an delectrician to assist with the repairs
  • walking blocks, climbing net
  • lawnmower or gardening service once a week