A short history of JHCS

Jan Hofmeyer Community Services was founded in 2000 by Francis Botha and Rosaline Wallace. The two sisters have a heart for the poor.

They saw great need in the community and started out by helping them, by going from door to door, identifying their immediate needs and helping where they could.

Later they started a soup kitchen from one of the community member’s kitchenette. This eventually grew to a fully-fledged NGO organisation, run by a management committee.

The management committee has grown into a group of people with a single vision that joined hands to help the community.

 Founding members of JHCS 

Founding members: Francis Botha, Jakes Jacobs, Rosaline Wallace and late Major Stephen du Toit


Time line of JHCS

 1999 - Started doing Community Service in the area.

 Mar 2000 - Started the Soup Kitchen out of one of the community member's kitchenette.

Aug 2000 - Registered with the Department of Social Development as an independent non-profit organization.

2001 - Donor donated the full amount that enabled JHCS to buy the house in 40 second street, Vrededorp.

Apr 2011 - a Partner made the Hall in 8 Eight street available to Jan Hofmeyer Community Services to expand their activities.

Oct 2011 - Group of Donors came together to upgrade the Hall in 8 Eight Street and renovate the building and refurbish the kitchen.

4th Nov 2011 - We dedicated the new Hall with a children’s party and moved the catering and serving of daily meals to 8 Eight Street. This allowed us to expand our Pre-school facilities and left enough space to develop a computer centre.

July 2012 - Donor installed the Computer Centre at 40 Second Street